Is a Toi et Moi Engagement Ring the Right Choice for You?

Getting engaged is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting moments of your life. Engagements come in all shapes and sizes, from the low-key to the grandiose. And while your engagement can be a fun experience to be had by all, most of the time, your most important memory of your engagement is the engagement ring. For many, this means having custom made jewelry created by a specialist. Of all the engagement ring options, though, the Toi et Moi engagement ring is very popular.

Why? You can find out more about this custom jewelry option and find out if it is right for you.

What is a Toi et Moi engagement ring?

This particular type of engagement ring contains a very special message. If you speak any French, you might already know that “toi et moi” means “you and me” – so this is a natural choice for an engagement ring. This is a very popular style of custom engagement ring, typically created using a pair of gemstones that sit next to one another.

Naturally, this is a romantic choice and the kind of evocative, emotional choice that many choose for their engagement ring. By pairing together both gemstones, it is a symbol of your union – two different entities joining together in harmony. Most people look to find something that fits their personality, such as the favorite gemstones of each individual in the engagement.

These rings have become very popular as of late, but their usage in custom jewelry dates back to the 1790s. Indeed, the famous Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to his love, Josephine de Beauharnais, with a Toi et Moi engagement ring.

The aesthetics of a Toi et Moi engagement ring

Historically, the two gemstones are kept around the same size. However, while this has been most typical in the past, today anything goes. Many people choose to have different size gemstones included in their custom ring. You can stick to the ‘traditional’ choice of having both gemstones the same size, or you can choose different sizes for your stones – the choice is yours.

The rise of bespoke engagement rings

Engagement rings have always garnered much thought and creativity. Given how long it can take to plan and execute a wedding, many choose to put a large budget toward a more unique engagement ring. This has a become major trend in celebrity culture, with many showing off their engagement rings of grandiose proportions. Bespoke engagement rings have become more common for the average person as well.

Bespoke engagement rings are found in all shapes and sizes today. If you have a more creative and unique idea in mind, you are sure to find help in creating it at Everett.

Is a Toi et Moi engagement ring right for you?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I comfortable wearing more than one stone?
  • Which gemstones would I use for my Toi et Moi engagement ring?
  • Does this particular kind of ring fall within the budget that I have set for engagement rings?
  • Is my partner more likely to prefer a more traditional engagement ring?
  • What is the meaning of the gemstones I would choose?

These questions can give you a better idea of whether or not the Toi et Moi engagement ring is right for you. Everyone is different; for some, this is exactly the kind of ring they have always wanted. For others, though, they are still unsure.