Natural vs Lab-Grown Gemstones: Which is Better?

Natural gemstones have been captivating humans for centuries with their dazzling beauty and allure. In recent times however, a new contender has entered the scene: lab-grown gemstones. These man made gemstones have sparked a debate among gemstone enthusiasts and people looking to purchase, leaving many people wondering if they can even rival their natural counterparts. Throughout this blog, we are going to delve into the world of lab grown gemstones vs. natural, exploring the pros and cons of both to determine which one stands superior, if there even is a better option.

Natural gemstones, formed over millions of years beneath the Earth’s surface, possess a sense of authenticity and rarity. Each natural gemstone has unique imperfections, called inclusions, that add to their personal charm. On the other hand, lab grown gems are crafted under controlled conditions, and offer clients uniform quality and sustainability. The question is, do these gemstone characteristics make one option better than the other? Join us as we unravel the mysteries of these two gemstones and settle the debate over lab grown gemstones vs. natural.

Natural Gemstones


One major benefit of purchasing a natural grown gemstone is that not only is it beautiful, but it also serves as a great investment. Natural grown gemstones hold much more value than lab grown gemstones due to the fact that they are much rarer. Natural gemstones must be mined from the earth and each stone has its own imperfections, making each one unique and more valuable. Because of their rarity and the fact that no two gems are the same, the value of natural gemstones will increase as time passes. Another benefit of owning a natural grown gemstone is that each stone is completely unique, which could make having one feel more personal. Some people may like the fact that the gemstone they own cannot be found anywhere else, and that it has its own imperfections. Natural gemstones are considered to be more genuine, with each one varying in characteristics, which allows the owner to choose one that suits their unique taste.


If price is a big factor in your decision on lab grown vs. natural, then this could be a con for natural gemstones. Since natural grown gemstones have such a tedious mining process, and are much rarer, they tend to be much more expensive than lab grown gemstones. While you are paying for uniqueness and guaranteed rising value with natural gemstones, it may be much easier to work within a budget when choosing from lab grown gemstones instead.

Lab-Grown Gemstones:


If cost is the most important factor for you, then lab grown gemstones might be the better option! Creating lab grown gemstones is much easier than mining for natural gemstones, and lab grown gemstones tend to be mass produced. Due to their mass production, most lab grown gemstones are priced at a fraction of their natural counterparts. Rarity is not a characteristic of lab grown gemstones, so these gemstones tend to hold less value. Although the price point is much lower, these gemstones are still made up of all the same chemical materials as natural gemstones. People may have concerns about lab grown gemstones being considered “fake”, but that is not at all true! Lab grown gemstones are simply made out of the same materials, just under controlled conditions that ensure polished consistency.

Cons: often described as too perfect

A con to lab grown gemstones is that they are often described as “too perfect”. When shopping for gemstones, a lot of people fall in love with stones due to their unique qualities and genuine imperfections, but lab grown diamonds do not have any of these. Each lab grown gemstone is carefully curated to have the best color payout, and no imperfections, making them all look very uniform. If you are striving for something personalized that nobody else also owns, then lab grown may not be for you.

In the ongoing battle between lab grown gemstones vs. natural, one thing is clear: there is no definitive winner. Things like price, rarity, investment potential, and looks all play a role in helping you choose your perfect gemstone. Each gemstone has its own pros and cons, making the decision dependent upon your personal preferences and needs. Natural gemstones exude authenticity and personality, while lab grown gemstones offer a perfect look and more affordable price. Whether it is natural or lab grown, you will be able to enjoy the sparkling allure of gemstones with either option you choose.