The Most Popular Shapes for Rose-Cut Diamond Rings

When it comes to choosing a diamond ring, finding a cut that is reflective of your personal style while maintaining a classic and timeless look can be a difficult feat. If you’re looking for a style of ring that will stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with a rose-cut diamond ring. Whether you’re a vintage lover, an old soul at heart, or looking for an elevated ring with simple elegance, a rose-cut diamond ring is a perfect choice. Here’s everything you need to know about rose-cut diamond rings: 

What is a Rose-Cut Diamond Ring?

Rose-cut diamond rings are an antique diamond cut, whose origin dates back to the 1500s. Although rose-cut diamonds are harder to come by today, they are a classic cut that has stood the test of time, and are a favorite among antique and vintage lovers.

Rose-cut diamonds are most easily recognizable for their domed top. Perhaps most distinctive of all, rose-cut diamonds have a flat bottom, a unique feature compared to the typical cone shaped underside that most diamonds have. This design aspect gives them a greater transparency and simplicity than most modern cut diamonds. The rose-cut diamond is defined by its elegant and subtle beauty, and generally has between 3 and 24 facets, compared to a rose-cut diamond’s 58. This means that while modern diamonds are notably sparkly, rose-cut diamonds have less fire.

The rose-cut diamond’s name comes from the view you see as you look at the diamond from above. The delicate facets have the appearance of small rose petals, with the center of the rose in the middle, and the petals pointing toward the outer edge of the diamond.

Most Popular Shapes of Rose-Cut Diamond Rings

Rose-cut diamonds are a classic choice with a unique and nostalgic vintage flair. One reason they are so unique is because they can be cut into many different shapes. Here are some of the most popular shapes of rose-cut diamond rings:

1.  Round

The round rose-cut is one of the most popular styles of this rare style of diamond. While it has fewer facets than its modern counterparts (the exact number of facets varies), what it lacks in facets it compensates for in subtle sophistication and elegance.

2.  Oval

Oval rose-cut diamonds are another popular choice. With breathtaking clarity and simple glamor, the oval rose-cut diamond is a truly stunning choice. Pair it with a simple gold band for a truly breathtaking and classic piece.

3.  Pear

Pear shaped rose-cut diamonds are truly stunning. Their subtle sparkle and graceful arch make them an elevated option. Compared to the modern pear diamond, the rose-cut pear has fewer facets and less fire, but is just as beautiful. If you prefer a pure, transparent look, the pear rose-cut diamond is an elegant and timeless choice.

Why Choose a Rose-Cut Diamond?

Rose-cut diamonds offer several benefits besides their classic style. Their low profile makes them easier to wear than many popular diamond cuts. This means that rose-cut diamonds are an ideal choice for those with active lifestyles or who prefer no-fuss jewelry. Another benefit of rose-cut diamonds is that their flat shape makes them appear much larger than diamonds that are the same size but different cuts.

Another benefit of rose-cut diamonds is their uniqueness. If you’re hoping to choose a ring that’s different from the most popular modern styles, skip the classic round-cut diamond and opt for a rose-cut instead. Rose-cut rings also have considerably less fire, or sparkle, than more modern cuts. If you prefer subtle and understated jewelry pieces, the rose-cut will blend seamlessly with your personal style.

Most Popular Shapes of Rose-Cut Diamond Rings: Browse Our Shop Today!

If you’re looking for a classic diamond ring that is truly timeless and unique, it’s hard to find a better choice than a rose-cut diamond. The simple beauty behind this classic cut is unparalleled and will undoubtedly be a piece you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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